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Great Lengths Extensions FAQ

Why do I need to have a consultation before scheduling?

Because Great Lengths extensions are customized to create your dream hair, a consultation is needed to discuss goals, match hair, determine pricing and give you and the stylist an opportunity to ask questions before scheduling the service.

Can I schedule my consultation and application on the same day?

No. We are not able to have both services on the same day. A consultation is needed prior to the service to determine timing, pricing and then an order for hair will be placed. Because this service is so customized to each client, hair is not kept on hand is ordered specifically for application.

How soon after my consultation can I schedule my application?

Scheduling is based upon the stylist’s availability and time needed for the service. Due to the time the service requires and ordering of hair packs, application booking can take up 8 weeks or more.

What is the difference between Great Lengths and Tape in Extensions?

Tape in extensions are applied in longer strips with an adhesive. Typical wear for Tape ins is 6- 8 weeks. Great Lengths extensions are applied in tiny bundles that are bonded with a special polymer to your natural hair.

How long do they last?

With proper care, Great Lengths extensions typically last 2-5  months before a new application is needed.

How much do they cost?

Pricing is based upon the service requested. Includes: consultation, application, haircut, styling and personalized extension care consult with stylist. Deposit required at consultation. There is a big variation in time needed for each service which translates into variations in pricing. Great Lengths Extensions are an investment. Please schedule a consultation for personalized pricing for your service.

Do I have to buy new hair for each application?

Yes, because these Extensions are applied in many small bundles (sometimes hundreds!) they are not able to be reapplied for future applications.

Can I bring my own hair extensions for you to apply?

In order to assure the quality of the service and experience after application, we do not apply any hair purchased outside the salon.

How do I take care of them?

Please check out our How to Care for Great Lengths Extensions Page for instructions on how to properly care for your extensions.

Can I wear my hair up with these extensions?

Yes! You are able to create most styles with the exception of any styles that pull your hair up and tight. In order to keep your extensions smooth and long lasting, you do not want to pull on them.

Can I color my hair with them?

Yes! Because these extensions are human hair, you are able to color them to create a seamless blend with your natural hair. However, we strongly advise against coloring your extensions at home. Protect your extensions and investment by working with your stylist on color as well.

Can I use hot tools with them in?

Yes! You are able to heat style, as long as you avoid using hot tools directly on the bonds where the extensions attach to your natural hair.

What is the cancellation policy?

Great Lengths Extensions appointments can take between 3 – 12 hrs.  In respect to our staff, we require 1 week’s notice to change, cancel, or reschedule an Extensions appointment. In the event we do not receive this notice, 100% of the deposit will be forfeited. Please note that appointments that need to be rescheduled will be done so based on stylist’s availability. 

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