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Kesha – She/Her

I have been working as an Esthetician since 2003. I am a specialist in Facials, Waxing, and Dermaplaning exfoliation. I’ve been with Gervais since 2013 andI have worked with Aveda skincare for over a decade. After graduating I continued advanced training through the Aveda institutes in Portland and Seattle. There I studied aromatherapy, special event makeup, massage, specialty facials and advanced skincare techniques.

Outside of work I am interested in Multi media art production. I am passionate about helping people look and feel their absolute best and truly believe it is never too late to have healthy radiant skin!
Location: 5th Street Market

Karlie – She/Her

I have been working as an Esthetician since 2016. I specialize in waxing and soft wax technique. Outside of work I love reading books, hanging out with my dogs and watching my chickens peck around the yard. I would describe myself as a compassionate and caring person. My goal when someone comes into my space, is to make them as comfortable and relaxed as possible. I strive to build a connection with each and everyone and take something away from each encounter. I genuinely care about your needs as a guest at Gervais and am so thankful for the opportunity to be your service provider!
Location: 5th Street Market

Kayla – She/They 

I have been working as an Esthetician since 2014! My specialties include: Waxing, Extractions and Dermaplaning. Outside of work I love to travel the world. Experiencing new foods, cultures, and architectural designs of older buildings are favorite hobbies of mine. On the day to day I enjoy going for walks with my husky to watch the sunset. I am passionate about taking care of others and targeting what their specific need is. Whether it be for specific skin concerns or relaxation. I try to combine a clinical approach to skin along with a relaxing spa experience. Many people live a fast paced lifestyle. Helping others slow down and take some time for themselves will make them look and feel their best. A healthy mindset is a healthier you! 
Location: 5th Street Market

Ruby – She/Her

I have been a practicing Esthetician since 2020 and a member of the Gervais team since 2018. I am very passionate about self care and skin care! I’m all about helping my guests find what skin care/products I think would suit them best, along with a routine that fits with their lifestyle. Healthy skin is glowing skin! Outside of work I love practicing self care, tennis, hiking, playing with my dog!
Location: 5th Street Market

Leslie – She/Her

I have been working as an Esthetician since 2012. I specialize in Spa Facials, Extractions and Massage. Outside of work, I enjoy cooking healthy recipes, exercising and going to the movies. I am super passionate about self-care and helping my guest achieve healthy, glowing skin!

Location: 5th Street Market

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